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Threading is one of the hottest trend in Hair Removal today. It’s a proven concept and a sensitive technique of unwanted hair removal trusted by many across the globe.

We are a chain of Professional Threading Salons (Formerly operating under the “Brows Shaping Salon” trade name) offering Eyebrow and Facial Hair removal services using the art of Threading. Through our highly experienced staff of Threading Artists, we specialize in Brow Shaping and Aesthetics.

OUR GOAL: To provide our clients with Expert and Professional Threading service that will significantly enhance their Facial and Brow aesthetic experience.

OUR MOTTO: “Your one stop shop for perfect Eyebrows”

eyebrow threading


The art of Threading is a natural and a non-invasive technique of unwanted hair removal used primarily for Eyebrow Shaping with the use of a cotton string. It’s a trusted hair removal technique for centuries. The sheer effectiveness, long-lasting results and extremely reasonable prices are just some of the great benefits that Threading offers when compared to other conventional procedures. Through our highly experienced and trained staff, we offer our clients the specialized service of Eyebrow Shaping, Arching and Touch-Up with Threading as well as other Facial Threading Services such as Forehead, Upper Lip, Sides & Chin, Neck and Full Face Threading as well.



Eyebrows $ 10 & Up
Upper Lip $ 8 & up
Sides $ 10
Forehead $ 10 & Up
Neck & Chin $ 10 ea.
Full Face $ 30 & Up
Arms Half/Full $ 25/$ 35
Legs Half/Full $ 30/$ 50


Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos involves the use of Mehndi (also known as Henna) which is basically a herb that is dried, powdered and grounded to produce a paste which is then applied on the skin (mainly hands and feet area) in various designs and patterns. Once the initial drying period of approx. 30 mts. has passed, the art work leaves a beautiful artistic impression on the skin that typically lasts for 2-3 weeks after which it fades away completely. Henna Tattoos are completely painless, natural and involves no artificial waxes or chemicals.

Temporary Henna Tattoos $ 12 & Up

Our Locations

  • The Shoppes at Carlsbad

    Plaza Camino Real MALL

    2525 El Camino Real, #243
    Carlsbad, CA 92008

    Tel. 760.720.2210
    M-F 10-9, Sat 10-8, Sun 11-6

  • Westfield North County

    North County Plaza MALL

    200 E. Via Rancho Pkwy., #489
    Escondido, CA 92025

    Tel. 760.743.2210
    M-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-7

  • San Francisco Downtown


    161 Fourth St.
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    Tel. 415.344.0009
    M-Sat 10-8:30, Sun 11-6

  • Solano Town Ctr.

    1350 Travis Blvd., #1468B
    Fairfield, CA 94533

    Tel. 707.438.7900
    M-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-6

  • Laguna Hills MALL

    24155 Laguna Hills Mall, #1605
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653

    Tel. 949.586.7900
    M-F 10-9, Sat 10-7, Sun 11-7

  • Sacramento Downtown

    1019A 9th Street.
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Tel. 916.930.0070
    M-Sat 10-7, Sun 11-6

  • The Oaks Mall

    350 West Hillcrest Drive, Kiosk # CL-123
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

    Tel. 805.777.8882
    M-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-7

  • Pacific View Mall (Store)

    3301 E Main St., # 2301
    Ventura, CA 93003

    Tel. 805.644.0008
    M-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-7

  • Pacific View Mall (Kiosk)

    3301 E Main St., Kiosk # K-13
    Ventura, CA 93003

    Tel. 805.644.0008
    M-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-7

Brows n More

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Westfield Carlsbad Plaza Camino Real Mall (Carlsbad, CA) 760.720.2210
Westfield North County North County Fair Mall (Escondido, CA) 760.743.2210
San Francisco Downtown 415.344.0009
Solano Shopping Ctr. (Fairfield, CA) 707.438.7900
Laguna Hills Mall (Laguna Hills, CA) 949.586.7900
Sacramento Downtown (Sacramento, CA) 916.930.0070




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